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AEBI Terratrac TT211

TT211 w_flail (448x311).jpg

TT211 Brochure     TT211 Specifications

Convenient, safe and universal
:  The AEBI Terratrac TT211 is designed for heavy, continuous use at all times of the year.  The highly maneuverable TT211 causes minimum damage to the ground.  Large-size low-pressure tires with a large footprint mean extremely low ground pressure.  The three-point front lifting mechanism for universal implement attachment, with practical and time-saving external operation.  Thanks to its light weight, low center of gravity and almost square wheel base, this Terratrac is particularly suitable for use on steeply sloping ground.

Modern and elegant:  The very toomy cockpit, insulated against vibration and noise with a curved front screen and clearly laid out indicator instruments also provides excellent all-round visibility.  Ergonomic self leveling seat for better performance and comfort when working on a steep slope.  Thanks to its hydrostatic four wheel steering the AEBI Terratrac TT211 offers four steering modes:  four wheel steer, front wheel steer, rear wheel steer and quasi crab steering that can be switched on the fly.