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AEBI Terratrac TT281 109hp


TT281 Brochure   

The new model with the dynamic image can perform exactly the same tasks as its Terratrac predecessors, but thanks to the latest technology much more rapidly, safely and economically.  The TT280’s electronic system automatically determines the hydraulic pressure needed to raise the implements.  The driver can enter desired level of weight transfer as a percentage and the hydraulic system sets the necessary pressure.  Thanks to this simplification driver can concentrate to a greater extent on the actual work.  The dust-proof cab with all-round visibility, air-conditioning system and low step fitted as standard is designed in accordance with the latest ergonomic principles.  It looks tidy, and is manageable and spacious. 

To improve safety and economical use on steeply sloping ground, the TT280 is fitted with the new “All Ground” radial tires.  They can be supplemented with dual tires at the front and rear.  With a 40-degree steering lock at front and rear (30 degrees with dual tires)  this Terratrac is extremely maneuverable in all situations.  The TT280 is oriented to the latest state of tractor technology, operation of the basic machine and the attachments is partly automated.