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AEBI Terratrac TT240 75hp

Launched in 2006, the AEBI Terratrac TT240 is a mid-range model that is in its element on sloping ground.

Driving and operation ease:  the Terratrac TT240 is exceptionally maneuverable, highly versatile, soil conserving, and is in its element on sloping ground.  Well-equipped as larger Terratrac models but features more compact external dimensions.  AEBI is setting new standards in the mid-range sector!

The TT240 is powered by a powerful 4-cylinder Detroit VM Turbocharged diesel that generates a muscular 75HP. In the comfortable and spacious driver’s cab, the hydrostatic traction drive is infinitely adjustable via the multifunctional control lever. The driver has the ability to control forward or reverse travel while operating 24 functions with one hand at the same time. Moreover, the simple and logically arranged operation means a major improvement in safety when working in tricky terrain. In both design and technical terms, the Terratrac TT240 is based on the extremely successful and proven top-of-the-range model, the Terratrac TT270.

For example, all-wheel, front and rear steering as well as the quasi-crab steering can be selected at the touch of button, an on-board computer with many functions comes as standard and the front and rear hydraulics can each lift 1,400 kg. However, the external dimensions are smaller all round and the tyre variants are also smaller.

Attachments:  the Terratrac TT240 is a powerful, all-purpose implement carrier designed for everyday work on sloping ground.  The new compact design TT240 can go almost anywhere: whether using a flail mower on steep embankments, a rotary mower on sports grounds and golf courses or delicate ground in protected areas, or even snow clearance in winter.