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Your Midwestern supplier of AEBI tractors for extreme slope work and Menzi Muck all terrain excavators and other professional equipment for extreme and difficult applications. 

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Equipment Distribution Management, Inc.

is the Midwest Dealer of AEBI Utility Tractors serving MN, ND, SD, NE, KS, IA, IL, MI, WI, IN, IL, and OH.

AEBI is part of the AEBI Schmidt Holding Family and are Manufacturers of Professional Public Works Equipment. AEBI has earned a global reputation for high quality implement carriers and multi—purpose tractors designed for low ground pressure and extreme slope environments built with Swiss technology and technical advantages.

EDM is also the Midwest Dealer for Menzi USA for the Menzi Muck all terrain excavators.

EDM is also a dealer for A&I Products - Agriculture, Tractor, Construction and Turf after market repair and replacement parts and more.

EDM is also a dealer for many of the specialty construction and forestry products brought to us by crushing mechanics.

EDM Inc. is a customer service focused company located in the Midwest, specializing in multi-use municipal utility tractors concentrating on extreme slope solutions for roadside, water management, ski hills and a variety of other steep slope applications. 

EDM Inc also represents the Menzi Muck line of all terrain excavators.  "No preparation, no restoration"  is commonly associated with the Menzi Muck excavators because of their ability to get in an out of tough difficult spaces with little disturbance and no special preparation and no expensive or timely restoration from equipment damage to the grounds.

EDM Inc. also represents several other lines of equipment attachments for forestry or construction such as rock crushers, forestry mulchers, mowers and consumables such as knives and hammers.

EDM Inc. also specializes in select products that  benefit the municipal workplace such as various tractor attachments for year round productivity and the A&I CabCAM™ Observation Systems for total visibility when and where you need it.

EDM Inc also supplies many repair and replacement parts available from A&I products for tractor and industrial equipment.

EDM Inc also provides great deals on power tools for the industry through Tool Market:                                       


Tool Market Power Tools                                        

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